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Who are we?

Founded in 1992 as a family company dedicated to trade and wholesale auction of fish, shellfish and other aquaculture products. This activity takes place in the spring of the Palloza, Port of La Coruña where our headquarters are located. Our auction house acts as an intermediary between more than 400 clients, fishermen and shellfish, which account for marine product, marketers and exporters residing in Port of La Coruña.

Our products

All the species we auction are Galician, implying high quality guarantee and the merchandise offered and sold. Among these include the barnacle, spider crab, velvet crab, sea bass, sea bream and octopus, among others.


The sale takes place from Monday to Saturday at 06:15 h. in the auction house, the Port Authority facility that has enabled the development of this activity in the Port of La Coruña. The three auctioneers in charge of the task are all members of the founding family, some having over 30 years experience.